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webag automat 8.0 - what is new?


The new webag automat report generator creates HTML-reports from database content. The reports receive their content from SQL-SELECT-statements and creates an HTML report with comprehensive navigation features:
  • Sort by any column
  • Select Number of lines per page
  • Pagination
  • Filter by keyword
  • Optionally choose language
  • Download as Excel file.


Call automat webpages with custom parameters

From now you can call automat webpages with custom parameters. You can use the parameter values in dynamic PL/SQL-blocks within your stencil- or trigger-code.

There new webpage-parameters are attached to the webpage url as a list of parameter-names (p_var=...) and a list of parameter-values (p_val=...), each delimited by a semicolon.


Editor without javascript

Under the WYSIWYG-Editor you can choose the link "Simple editor" to switch to a conventional multiline textarea input field. This option is meant as a workaroud for browsers without javascript support or in case of HTML page-content that is too complex for the standard editor.




Improved HTML-code for the automat search-engine

We have refurbished the HTML-code of the search-engine. There are no more tables and grey background colors. Thus the search-form and search-result fit into any web-design.

Further improvements

The authoring system has a more modern web design now. The left navigation tree has new icons. Dialog boxes are displayed with CSS3 drop-shadow. Beautiful tabs help to navigate through the authoring forms.

The search engine saves the pages unique TEXT_ID into the search-index. Thus it is easier for authors to find a page within the content database using the search field at the upper border of the authoring interface.

Automat 8.0 has a new mail-api. The new mail-package wt_mail offers functions for sending formatted HTML-emails and BLOB-attachments.

All internal Java-stored-procedures have been moved into a single package called WT_JAVA_API. Reason: We intend to offe the webag automat also on the free-of-charge ebtry-level database Oracle Express, which has no Java capabilities.

We do not develop the old XML-form-system WT_FORM further. The left navigation tree shows the old "Forms"-subtree only when setting the new system-parameter ENABLE_WT_FORM = 1.

In automat 6.4 we introduced event-triggers in order to develop custom PL/SQL-enhancements to the automat standard functionality. The available triggers were BEFORE_SESSION_START, BEFORE_PUBLISH_PAGE and AFTER_PUBLISH_PAGE. We now add two more triggers: BEFORE_SHOW_PAGE fires before a webpage is send to the browser. AFTER_SHOW_PAGE fires directly after sending the page to the browser.