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Enterprise Web AG liquidated

Statement of the managing board Martin Friemel on the liquidation of the Enterprise Web Aktiengesellschaft

The shareholders of the Enterprise Web Aktiengesellschaft have decided to liquidate the company. This has been published in the german "Bundesanzeiger" on 13. September 2012. Mr. Martin Friemel was appointed as liquidator.


Reason for the dissolution of the corporation:


The Enterprise Web Aktiengesellschaft was founded in 1998 by Martin Friemel and Dr. Richard Wittsiepe, just before we accepted the order to build and operate the RWE intranet with our web content management system "WebAG Automat" for initially about 12,000, and finally 55,000 users.


This reference was quickly followed by other large orders of RAG, Hitachi, Veba Oil & Gas, Gazprom, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, KEVAG - Koblenz Electricity, Pfalzwerke Ludwigshafen, Europipe, ATIS Real and Petro Canada. The WebAG Automat was also used in smaller projects, but the main focus, architecture and pricing structure of the software is clearly the usage in large companies serving many authors and users.


The WebAG Automat has continually been improved. Since 1998 the internet world has changed a lot. In particular, from the perspective of the shareholders it is no longer economical to offer the WebAG Automat as a standard software.


However, the WebAG Automat will serve as a basis for successful intranet and website projects in the future. But there is no software license pricelist any more. The WebAG Automat can now be used without licensing costs in Oracle-based web projects. The system will be developed further with unchanged effort. Updates will be announced on www.webag.com and can be installed in all projects, without any maintenance contract requirement.


The consulting business of the dissolved Enterprise Web Aktiengesellschaft will be continued by the former managing board and developer of the WebAG Automat, Martin Friemel as freelancer. The offering is focused on:

  • Oracle database development with PL/SQL
  • Webprojects with Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Webprojects with the WebAG Automat
  • Mobile Websites, e.g. based on JQuery Mobile.

For more information contact: mfriemel@webag.com