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webag automat 7.0 - what is new?

New Image-Editor

The new Image-Editor lets you perform all essential image modification tasks directly within the browser. Authors do not need a seperate imaging tool any more. Features:

  • Change image size, optinally lock width/height-ratio.
  • Compress and choose compression-rate.
  • Crop. You can select a rectangle within your image using your mouse.
  • Change brightness and contrast.
  • Rotate any degree left/right.
  • Mirror horizontal and vertical.
  • Undo each step.


Improved Webpage-Editor

The new version of the Webage-Editor comes with several interesting enhancements:

  • Add Flash-elements. You can upload Flash-files and embedd them into your page.
  • Create DIV-blocks. You can define the DIV-blocks stylesheet-class or -id.
  • Show blocks. Visualized the blocks-borders (DIV, P, H1, H2 etc.) within your editor-window.
  • Maximize editor window to use the complete available space in your browser window.


The Editor adapts to your project

You can customize the editor to the requirements of the web- oder intranet-project. The administrator can change the javascript-directives used to invoce the editor. Some examples for these kind of changes:

  • Limit the amount of available font-colors the list of allowed colors concerning the design-guide.
  • The Enter-key shall create a br-tag instead of a p-block.
  • When an authors pastes Word-content into the editor all formatting shall be removed in order to extract only the pure text.
  • When starting the editor the new function "show block" shall be initially switch on.



New design for the authoring interface

The left frame has been simplified. The list of recently edited documents is now directly under the navigation tree. The search form has been moved to the upper right corner of the browser-window.


More precise access-statistics

The page-rank-reports now recognize multiple urls for a single page as one page und sums up the hits on this in one line. Multiple urls can be caused by using differnet domains, for instance.

In order to respect the visitors privacy the access tracker optionally cuts the fourth digit of the users ip-address before storing it into the tracker database. This it is impossible to identfy the visitor using the stored ip-address.



Further improvements and fixes

For administrators the footer line now always offers a link to the system messages. Until now the administrator had to navigate through the left tree to see the messages.


Encrypted passwords are now stored in a RAW datatype instead of VARCHAR2. This avoids nls-problems when exporting/importing the automat-database.


The workflow system now allows deleting closed tasks manually. In addition the system automatically removes all closed tasks older than one week.

When a page is published the system closed all open publish-request-tasks on this page and sends an e-mail to the requesters.